Antler, ND

Pride Of The Prairie

Antler, North Dakota
Founded in 1905

The pioneers took nothing with them when they took their
final reward. They left everything for us to build upon.
Earl Schell
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The Old Antler Square
by Rick A. Jorgensen

We've searched the whole world over
For fortune and for fame;
Seeking earthly treasure
On ships that seldom came.

But away out on the prairie
Is a spot so sweet and fair,
With the treasure of our mem'ries,
Near the Old Antler Square.

The world can never offer,
With all that is so grand,
A better home to live in
Than this our native land.

For the "Pride of the Prairies"
That shines so fine and rare,
Was the pride of our fathers,
In the Old Antler Square.

As we tread near life's great sunset,
In the autumn of our years,
Our hearts are ever turning
To this place we hold so dear.

We leave it to our children,
And when it's in their care,
Preserve it for a lifetime —
The Old Antler Square

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