Antler Historical Society, Inc.

Established 2020

Spearheaded by Sharon Tennyson and
formally organized in December 2020 with the goal
of preserving the Antler Town Square building and
turning it into a museum to preserve Antler area history
and the World's Largest Quilt.

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Donations received through December 31, 2021
will have all donors recognized as Founders.

*Donors can choose to recognize or memorialize another person.

At the end of 2021 all donations from each donor
will be tallied with recognition as follows:

$1-$999 "Pathfinder"
A group plaque honoring all Pathfinders

$1,000-$2,499 "Explorer"
A group plaque honoring all Explorers

$2,500-$4,999 "Pioneer"
A group plaque honoring all Pioneers

$5,000+ "Homesteader"
Individual plaque honoring each Homesteader

*All donors will also be recognized on the website
and on Facebook.

Donations can be mailed to:
Antler Historical Society
10839 Highway 256
Antler, ND 58711

Or via PayPal:


Donations Received from our "Founders"

General Donations
Mohall Fire Dept - Gaming
Carol Melius
Brad Harter - Pleasant Hill Productions
Kevin Hawkins
Randy Anderson - Crosscountry Kennels
Carl Zeltinger
Alice Kruckenberg
Cassia & James Dahl
Jayden Tohm
Dede Young
Wes Anderson
Dean Jorgensen
Cathy Kiliper
Pat Artz
Elizabeth Cutter
Betty Foster
Becky Jorgensen
Clyde & Carol Byerly
Kenny Tofteland
State Bank of Bottineau
Adam Cotton
Alan Eide
Parker Gates
Beth Jorgensen
Millie Temple
Bill Myers
Dallas Rowe
Kipton Erickson
Andy Undlin
Mary & Dennis Peterson
Cody Holt
Michael Lamping
Gary Ledoux
Tracy Boyd
Myron Lodoen
Kelli Engg
Steffen Lutz


In Memory of Edward E. Ashley
Lora Ashley & Family

In Memory of Gary Ledoux
Steve & Chris Lauer

In Memory of Robert Walker & Rae (Babe) Howery-Walker
Sara Morris

In Memory of Rick Jorgensen & Bessie Jorgensen
Penny Caldwell

Click here for more information about the Antler Town Square:

Click here for more information about the World's Largest Quilt:

Board of Directors:
Roger Artz: President
Joe Donnelly: Vice President
Mark Jorgensen: Secretary/Treasurer
Sharon Tennyson
Karen Larson
Mae Streich

The Antler Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
(your donations are tax deductible)

The Old Antler Square


Square buildings

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Antler Town Square1024_2

Antler Town Square1024_3

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Antler Town Square1024_6

Antler Town Square1024_7

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