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The Antler Fire Department

The Antler Fire Department has been in existence since the beginning of the town. The first fire engine was bought from Waterous Engine Works in June 1907 for $2100.00. In June 1907 the village board of trustees ordered all chimneys to be checked to see that they were made of brick. If not, they would have to be fixed. It is also noted in the Council minutes that new battery was bought for the fire engine for $6.50. L.J. Buckmann offered to build a hook and ladder cart for the fire department free of charge if they would furnish the material. The fire department also purchased a roof ladder and 4 rubber slickers for $2.50 each and 4 caps for $1.00 each.

The fire department bought a used Chevy truck in the mid 40’s and had it converted to a pumper. This was used until the mid 50’s when they bought a used 1952 Dodge truck and some of the local men converted it to a pumper truck. In 1971 the community collected enough money through donations to purchase a new fire engine fully equipped for about $14,000.00. After the new fire truck was delivered the community contributed money and volunteer help to build a new fire hall. The building has a kitchen, community hall, post office and garage for the fire trucks. The cost was about $60,000.00.

In the fall of 1999 a new 4x4 grass unit was purchased. Because of the additional truck another bay was added to the west side of the fire hall.

In 2007 the main fire engine was replaced with a new 4x4 unit. This truck is similar to those used by the federal government to fight wildfires.


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