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Antler School History
One of the first needs and concerns of any new settlement is the establishment of a school to educate its young.
The early settlers of the Antler community had those concerns foremost in their minds.

A tar paper shack located in a wheat field ½ mile south of the present town site served as the first schoolhouse.
The first seven students were: Ollie and Mel Walton, Robert Carpenter, Winnie, Annie and Phylis Nelson.

Ralph Smith, the first teacher, held classes at its location for two summer terms. By 1905 school was held in the
Presbyterian Church and a small building known as the Kadletz Building.

In 1907 a contract to build a brick, four room school went to Jas. Finnin of Devils Lake for $7219.03 without a heating plant.
The school was ready for use by late 1907.

In 1914, the first high school graduation class consisted of one graduate. Following the first graduation,
the enrollment increasedand it was necessary to obtain additional rooms. This was accomplished by
moving in a rural school building and placing it south of the main school.

In those early years there were no school buses. Students often transported themselves by
horse and buggy, horseback, bob sleigh or cutters. Since there were no hot lunches
served at school, each child brought his own lunch.

The early heating system in the school consisted of two coal furnaces, one on each side of the
basement with one large hot air register in each room. The school janitor, affectionately known as "Pappy",
was on duty by 4 a.m. on cold winter mornings. Later the heating system was changed to hot water with a radiator in each room.

In 1949-50 a gymnasium was built. This community building project was partially financed
by selling tickets on a Kaiser car. Prior to the building of the gym, the town hall was used for basketball practice and games.

Extra curricular activities were an important part of the Antler School. In earlier years grade students participated in
May Pole dances and Play Day. In later years, Pee Wee basketball teams competed in games and tournaments
with other area schools. As the school enrollment decreased the Pee Wee team consisted of both boys and girls.

Music became an important part of the grade and high school students curriculum with their participation in
music festivals. The trophies on display in the school tell the story of its many accomplishments.

In 1950 a hot lunch program was established with the help of the Happy Hour Homemaker Club and the local American Legion.

The newest addition to the school was built in 1964. This provided a science room, a commerce room, a library, a dining room,
a well-equipped kitchen and an office. High school classes were held in the new addition until the closing of the high
school in the spring of 1976. The last graduation class consisted of three students, Danny Young, Craig and Steven Elsberry.

In the fall of 1976 the high school students, grades 7-12, were allowed to attend the school of their choice in Westhope,
Sherwood or Mohall. The grade children in Kindergarten through 6th grade used the new addition until the closing of the entire school.

With the closing of the grade school in 1987 and the dissolution of the school district, grade and high school
students now attend classes in Mohall, Sherwood or Westhope.

The older school is now occupied by the Antler Historical Society as a museum.
The newer addition, at present, is owned by the City of Antler.

The history committee of the Antler School wishes to thank and acknowledge the work done by the past committees
making much of this information available to us. Any omissions or mistakes are unintentional.

*Written history obtained from the Golden Jubilee Booklet and the 1989 Antler School Reunion booklet.
Webmaster Note: The Antler School has been privately owned for many years and is in a state of disrepair. There is no museum in Antler at this time.

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