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Antler Community Church

*The church closed in 2014 and was sold.
It is now in private use as a home & carpenter’s workshop.




Antler Church

Antler Community Church History
Compiled by Bessie Jorgensen from church records.

The Antler Community Church, as we call it today, was purchased in 1906 by the members of the First Methodist Episcopal Church in 1909 and was organized with B.B. Stanton, J.T. Swearingen and Robert Irwin as the trustees. In 1926 the church was purchased by the trustees of the Assembly of God who sold it to the Gospel Tabernacle of Antler in 1928.

In 1952 the Church of the Nazarene of Bismarck purchased the building. It was about this time that Lester Miller, a former Nazarene minister residing in Loraine, became interested in the building. He contacted many residents of Antler and the surrounding area to find out if they were interested in having a church in Antler. Much interest was shown as the Presbyterian Church had closed and there wasn’t a Protestant church in town. Reverend Lester Miller wanted to start a Community Church instead of a Nazarene Church so all Protestants could feel a part of it. Pastor Miller held Sunday services and was greatly encouraged with a large congregation consisting of Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Nazarenes and members of the Church of God. The need for a church was apparent.

On April 13, 1958 a meeting was held to create a body to organize the Antler Community Church. Seven members were elected to the board. They were Aubrey Floyd, Charles Wright, Tennes Tofteland, Howard Hunt, Loy Haugh, George Cranston and Larry Begeman. The first meeting of the board was held on April 23rd. They voted to have Lester Miller installed as pastor and the name would the Community Church of Antler. George Cranston was voted in as Vice Chairman, Charles Wright as Treasurer and Larry Begeman as Secretary. The board voted to adopt a “Statement of Faith” which was approved by the congregation and is still in use today.

In August 1960 the Community Church bought the Presbyterian Manse. In 1961 a severe windstorm damaged the church to such extent that the I.O.O.F. Lodge Hall had to be used for five Sunday services while the church was repaired.

Pastors who have filled the pulpit are Lester Miller, James Hendrickson, James Breckenridge, Jerry Daffe, Robert Fletcher, Bill Carpenter and Franklin Huwe.

Since the incorporation of the Community Church there have been four secretaries; Larry Begeman, Arne Bronderslev, Grant Cameron and Reed Jorgensen.

A used piano and beautiful organ were purchased by the church and have been used faithfully every Sunday. Organists who have been faithful to the church through the years have been Merle (Cameron) Leban, Mrs. L. Schmidt, Hazel (Floyd-Smith) Kirby, Ann Kuehn, Ethel Elsberry and Janet Tennyson.

The first marriage was that of Hazel Floyd and Gilbert Smith. The first funeral was John Engstrom’s.

Through the years we have lost many faithful members, some through death and many who have left the area. We thank the loyal, cooperative and faithful members for their support. Without you we would not have had a church.

Antler Community Church 1953

Pastors of Antler Community Church

Huwe Family
Pastor Franklin & Evelyn Huwe and family

Carpenter Family
Pastor Bill & Barb Carpenter and family

Fletcher Family
Pastor Bob & Suzie Fletcher and family

Daffe Family
Pastor Jerald & Phyllis Daffe

Henderickson Family
Pastor James Henderickson

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