Antler, ND

Pride Of The Prairie

Antler, ND is 50 miles North of Minot, ND,
150 miles North of Bismarck, ND and
470 miles Northwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
It is in Bottineau county. The population of the city is approximately 30.


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Books Based on Antler:
Antler native, Sally Oty Krause, has written three books based on Antler. Her first book is titled “The Town”,
her second book is titled “The Border” and her third book is titled “The School”. The town she writes about is Antler
although it’s called Sioux Crossing in the books.

“The Town”
“The Town” is about a little North Dakota town on the Canadian border that’s dying. A young man comes
home to bury his father who owned the town’s only grocery store. He decides to stay to try to save the town and he’s successful.

“The Border”
“The Border” takes place ten years later with the same people as well as some new ones plus a new problem.

"The School"
“The School” is the last book in the Sioux Crossing trilogy. It's another ten years down the line with some more new people.

About the author:
Sally lived in Antler from 1937-1947. Her father was the Great Northern depot agent until 1957.
She and her 5 siblings graduated from Antler High School.

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